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We are able to supply you with the right printer to meet your needs in edible printing. There are various brands out there, let us help you where we will guide you on choosing the correct printer - one that will add value, be easily adaptable, has reliable service centers and one that is easy to find ink for! We have tested and had experience with the edible printers - trust us to provide you with the best.


Ink cartridges are sometimes hard to find. We import some of our products directly, giving our customers the satisfaction of not only cutting out the middleman, but getting the stock you need for your printer. If we don't have it, we will certainly try and find it for you. The ink is safe and edible - another perfect solution to combine with the icing sheets and produce a professional, beautiful creation for consumption.


Icing sheets come in handy with many different kinds of designs you can use o cakes and cupcakes. Print photos, graphics, pictures, logos and even your favourite movie characters and simply put them on, around or over the cakes. This is an easy method of decoration, much easier than trying to redraw or trace with icing - the icing sheets are edible and the best solution for detailed artwork.

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